Yup im bigger than u are lol

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You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

Well im bored so ill be writing some shit bout my firends so ill make a list and email me if i forgot u or just tell me straight up

Liz Leonardi
My very hott Girl friend u dont want to say i love u yet and i respect it cus u want real love not 7th grade love which means ur smart not like other kids
<3 <3

Scotty is one fuked up little boy lol jkjk hope u and ashley hook up again kk well cys l8er

Eyeguy wants to be friends

Walking dude
Elise ur soo cool i don no y u only talk to me but o well lol cya l8er
ashley- ur not anorexic and u and scott need to hook up again cus i need another person to go to movies with cus we all no sam and lizzie wil do nothing so its only u and scott who will do somthin so yeah and ur not a dumb umb ur just umm.......... ashley yah thats it soo yeah cya

Have fun yeah jackasses